Aces Charles, Aces: A Look Back at Chuck

29 01 2012

I still can’t believe it’s over. Five years of Chuck and Sarah, five years of never knowing whether we’d get another season, and five years of having the comfort of knowing that I’d always be able to go back to the Burbank Buy More every week. Although I will admit that the series went downhill from season 2, I was never disappointed with a single episode. Props to the writers for getting me so attached the characters and making in my opinion the most powerful relationship in television history. It’s gonna be so very weird watching Zachary Levi or Yvonne Strahovski in any other role without thinking of their amazing performances in Chuck (Except for Yvonne’s performance as Miranda in Mass Effect). Somehow this show managed to make relationships so powerful that no matter how ludicrous the series got, you still cared. We all remember those moments like Jill’s betrayal, Chuck almost being lobotomized and more recently Sarah’s memory loss. We remember how even through all the hardships, there will always be a happy ending. It might not be the ending we expect, but it’s still comforting.

The finale was so, so, so, so good. I can’t stress it enough. All of the references to past episodes like Sarah walking up to the Nerd Herd counter in the same jacket as the pilot, the Wienerlicious, the ballroom dancing and of course the scene with Sarah and Chuck just sitting on the beach together reminded us of everything that made the series so great. I was so close to tears at the end of the penultimate episode, something that only Chuck can make me do. Some people may not have liked the open-ended nature of the finale but I felt like it was the perfect way to leave our favorite spy couple. There was something about them falling in love all over together that just tugged at my heartstrings. Add the classic Chuck music and it was perfection.

Speaking of classic Chuck music. I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a top 25 list of my favorite Chuck songs. There are so many bands and songs that I have become very personal to me over the last few years. All of which I give credit to Chuck. I’m gonna make 3 seperate posts for this one…





One response

22 04 2012

It’s great to read the same opinion about the series. I’m i guy, and honestly.. I cried when i saw the last 2 episodes. The series are so beautiful in it’s own way.
Can’t describe howmuch i like the series.. I can honestly say it changed a bit of myself

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